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Famatel produces a wide range of lighting equipment for residential, industrial or tertiary use. All these products are characterised by their technological innovation, design, material quality and manufacturing standards. The fact that we manufacture in Spain ensures maximum product safety and compliance with the regulations in force as well as the issue of certification by external laboratories. Famatel tirelessly strives for technological improvement, innovation and product quality.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Metal parts with a white zinc-plated finish.
  • Certified flexible extension.
  • Highly heat-resistant glass
  • E27 certified ceramic lamp-holder.
Gancho en acero galvanizado para la sujeción del portátil de taller

Galvanised steel hook for work-lamp.

Mango sujeción en material de goma para asegurar una perfecta portabilidad

Rubber handle for easy transportation.

Dispuesto con portalámparas de cerámica E27

E27 ceramic lamp-holder.

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