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WE STARTED OUT as a small player within a large company setting with major recognition in the metalworking sector. This allowed us to make our entrance with nearly 20 years' experience behind us, something that very few startups can claim.

OUR PRINCIPLES. Since our inception, our major unique selling points have been and continue to be clearly understood ambition, a job well done and innovation. Three evolving resources that have allowed us to remain on the cutting edge of our trade with a quality product, good service -both of which are backed by quality certification seal ISO 9001- and even better customers, backed by a loyalty rate that is our greatest source of pride at Famatel.

OUR PRESENT can be reflected in our two manufacturing plants spread across 12,000 m2 and with the latest in technology, our presence in 35 countries over five continents and at major sectoral fairs and events worldwide, as well as our stringent way of doing things that traverses and inspires the entire life cycle of Famatel's products and services, from the raw material stage right up to the product obtained by the customer.

OUR FUTURE. This is primarily in your hands. Something we of course wish to share with you. Thank you in advance.

Our departments

Departamento Comercial (Internacional)
Sales (International)

Departamento Comercial (Nacional)
Sales (Spain)

Departamento Técnico

Técnico manipulando modelo 3D

Departamento Compras

Departamento Contabilidad